The Best of Yellowstone- Photos


Grizzly stands up in Lamar Valley

Battle of the Bull Bison during the rut in Lamar Valley

Wild Flowers abound on Dunraven Pass

The First of the Paint Brush

The First of the Lupine

Snake River Truck Crossing

There really is a Geyser there!! But rising Lake levels from record high snowfall has the Geyser completely submerged

Fishing Cone-
Underwater due to rising water levels from  melting record snowfalls!

Lake Overlook Trail

River Otter
Pumice Point
Fishing Bridge Service Station
collapses due to heavy snow

Near Mud Volcano- Coyote or Wolf?

Sandhill Cranes- Hayden Valley

12:00 PM- Nap time in Hayden Valley (Coyote)

Lamar Valley- April 30

The first of the baby bison- Lamar Valley

Coyote & Bison Carcass- Near Mud Volcano

Sandhill Cranes
 Upper Berry Patrol Cabin, Grand Teton National Park
Skiing from Upper Berry Patrol Cabin, Grand Tetons

Crossing the Lake in Grand Teton NP

Hayden Valley- Jan 19, 2011

Storm moving into Hayden Valley- Jan 19, 2011

 Early Morning at West Thumb Geyser Basin

Early Morning in West Thumb Geyser Basin

 Getting around the Bison who spent the night sleeping in the entrance of West Thumb!

Bison in the West Thumb Geyser Basin

West Thumb Warming Hut

Bison in front of Fishing Bridge Warming Hut

Pumice Point- December 16

Hayden Valley- December 16

November 2010- West Thumb Geyser Basin along Lake Yellowstone

November 2010- West Thumb Geyser Basin

November 2010- Driving through Hayden Valley

November 2010- Running Coyote- Driving from Norris to Mammoth

November 2010- Driving from Norris to Mammoth

Fall 2010- Descending into Mammoth

Fall 2010- Mammoth to Gardiner