Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome Home...

It was a warm sunny day when we packed up our belongings from our little round house in Flat Rock, NC and started driving West. Instead of being excited I found myself nervous and questioning our decision. It is amazing how you begin to see things in a different light when you know you are leaving. Everything seems more beauitful as fear tries to take over your good judgement. As we crossed the Great Smoky Mountains they seemed grandeur than ever before- lush, green and seemingly untouched. I had crossed these mountains a dozen times in the last eighteen months but this time the view of these impressive mountains was burned into my photographic memory- never to be forgotten. We drove almost 2600 miles to reach our new home and it wasn't until we reached the Rocky Mountains that fear finally lost the battle. There is nothing like the rawness of massive granite mountains to overcome your fear and remind you of why you left. As I rolled down the windows I got a fresh breath of cold, clean air scented with the sweet smell of pines and firs. Shane and I looked at eachother and both of us had that spark in our eye- the spark you get when you know something big and exciting is about to happen! Even our dog Alice, had her head out the window, glued on the views of the massive Rockies. As we veered north and passed the big cowboy Wyoming sign all I could say is "We're Home!"

Wyoming- canyons, plateaus, buttes, mountains, never ending blue skies and yes, even true Wyoming cowboys. I was instantly comforted at the thought of being surrounded by the true beauty of this land- the beauty that the Plains Indians, early homesteaders, fur trappers and mountain men once fell in love with just as I had. No Macy's, TJ Max, or Bloomingdales for miles! No distractions, no competition, no diversions. At that very moment as we drove closer to our new Yellowstone home all that existed was one girl, making her way in a world so different from her roots.
As we entered the entrance of Yellowstone National Park I proudly handed the Park Ranger my acceptance/welcome letter and clearly stated "I am a new, well actually a returning employee to Yellowstone". She read the letter and excitedly said "Well, welcome back and congratulations on you new position". And there I was- back to the place I called home 2 years prior: YELLOWSTONE.


  1. Good Morning Sweet Bri,
    I am excited about you Blog and look foreward to keeping up to date with your new adventures. Having visited you in Yellowstone with Sean I can well understand your awe and love of this park in all its grandeur. I wish you Shane and sweet little Alice Joy, Adventure,Peace, Tranquility & Amazement in Yellowstone! I will live your adventures through your beautiful eyes & writing. Carpe Diem Bri, that is you. I Love you Mommy!

  2. Oh wow, I'm from Asheville and found your blog due to getting an offer to be a park ranger in yellowstone this summer. I'm also really nervous about this and unsure but was trying to get other peoples perspectives. Thanks for writing this!

  3. Hi Lexie,
    It is always nerve racking to drive to a new place, especially a place so far away. But Yellowstone is amazing and no one ever forgets their first summer in Yellowstone. Also, all y6our seasonal co workers will be from some place else, so you'll have instant friends going through the same changes as you. And the best part is that Asheville will still be waiting for you should you decide to go back! I say: Go for the Yellowstone Adventure!!!

  4. Heh! Thanks again!